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Q. 1A/An __________ is a rotating device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy.
  • A.electric motor
  • B.dynamo
  • C.electric generator
  • D.transformer
  • Q. 2Which two part of an electric motor is responsible for changing the direction of the current?
  • A.the commutator and the rotor
  • B.the axle and the brushes
  • C.the commutator and the brushes
  • D.the axle and the commutator
  • Q. 3The principle on which an electric motor operates is
  • A.the continuous change of the magnetic poles creates a rotating force that makes the armature spin
  • B.the change in the value of current under the influence of magnetic field produces rotating force
  • C.a current carrying conductor under the influence of magnetic field produces rotating force.
  • D.None of the above
  • Q. 4The purpose of split rings in an electric motor is
  • A.to provide support to the rotating armature
  • B.to separate the load and the rotating armature of an electric motor
  • C.to change the direction of the current delivered to the armature.
  • D.Both B and C
  • Q. 5Which of the following statement is true about an electric motor?
  • A.the electric motor is based on the principle that when a current carrying conductor is kept under the influence of magnetic field it experiences a force
  • B.the commutator is responsible for the change in the direction of the current supplied to the armature conductor.
  • C.an electromagnet is used in place of a permanent magnet for the commercial use of the motor
  • D.All of these