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Q. 1How many biosphere reserves are there in India?
  • A.22
  • B.18
  • C.10
  • D.34
  • Q. 2The cutting and clearing of the forests to use the land for other commercial purpose is known as,
  • A.Afforestation
  • B.Urbanization
  • C.Deforestation
  • D.Modernization
  • Q. 3Which of the following is a natural causes of deforestation?
  • A.procuring land for cultivation
  • B.building house and factories
  • C.severe drought
  • D.Using wood as fuel
  • Q. 4The gradual decline in the fertility of a land due to deforestation where the fertile land gets converted into desserts. It is called ____________.
  • A.Desertification
  • B.Drought
  • C.Soil erosion
  • D.None of the above
  • Q. 5Which of the following are the consequences of deforestation?
  • A.Reduced rainfall
  • B.Drought
  • C.Soil erosion
  • D.All of the above