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Define the term solution. How many types of solutions are formed? Write briefly about each type with an example.

Answer :

A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more than two substances on molecular level whose composition can vary within certain limits.

The part or component of the mixture present in a lesser amount is called the SOLUTE and the one present in larger amount is called the SOLVENT. For eg- Small amount of salt [solute] dissolved in water [solvent].

There are nine types of solutions formed. They are:

Out of these nine types solution, solid in liquid, liquid in liquid & gas in liquid are very common. When the components of the solution are mixed, the resulting solution may exist in any of the three possible states of matter that is solid, liquid or gaseous.

They are:

[i] Gaseous solution: In such solutions solvent is gas. Since the solvent is gas, the solute can be solid, liquid or gas. For example, a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen gas is a gaseous solution.

[ii] Liquid solution: In such type of solutions liquid acts as the solvent. The solute in these solutions may be gas, liquid, or solid.

[iii] Solid solutions: As the name suggests, in such solutions solid acts as the solvent. The solute in these solutions may be a gas, liquid or solid. For example, a solution of copper in gold is a solid solution.

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