Q. 24.2( 17 Votes )

Complete the following poem with words from the box below. The recite the poem.

Soldiers live in barracks

And birds in _________,

Much like a snake that rests

In a ____________. No horse is able

To sleep except in a _____________.

And a dog lives well,

Mind you, only in a__________.

To say 'hi' to an ant, if you will,

You may have to climb an ____________.

Answer :

The words given in options are hole, kennel, nests, anthill and stable. All these words represent the place of living of some or the other animal, so the blanks need to be filled in accordingly.

The first blank needs a word which can describe where the birds live, which is nest, hence nests can be filled in the first blank.

A snake rests in a hole, hence the second blank should be filled by the word ‘hole’. A horse lives in a stable, hence the third blank should be filled by ‘stable’. A dog lives in a kennel, hence the fourth blank should be filled by ‘kennel’. An ant lives in an anthill, so the last blank should be filled by ‘anthill’.

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