Q. 1

Collect information about the project “Stardust” (website: www.sci.edu/public.html and www.nasm.edu) along the following lines.

(i) Which is the agency that has launched this project?

(ii) Why are scientists interested in collecting Stardust?

(iii) Wherefrom the Stardust is being collected?

Answer :

(i) NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration had launched this project.

(ii) Stardust is a type of cosmic dust which is present in outer space. According to physcis, we all are made up of stardust. All the elements except hydrogen, lithium, and helium consist of stardust. The scientists are interested in it because of the elements present in it. These elements are important to conduct field and research work.

(iii) NASA had launched stardust which was the first U.S mission to explore a comet and to robotically obtain samples from a comet and bring them back to the planet Earth. It was launched on 7th February 1999. It had collected interstellar dust particles between a period of two years from 2000 to 2002.

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