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Classify the following events as certain to happen, impossible to happen, may or may not happen:

A. Getting a number less than 1 on throwing a die.

B. Getting head when a coin is tossed.

C. A team winning the match.

D. Christmas will be on 25 December.

E. Today moon will not revolve around the earth.

F. A ball thrown up in the air will fall down after some time.

Answer :

(A) Impossible to happen

As dice have only 6 numbers(1,2,3,4,5,6)

There is no number less than 1 on dice

(B) May or may not happen

A coin has only head or tails as its outcome

(C) May or May not happen

If a team plays either they will win or lose

(D) Certain to happen

It is universal truth as Christmas is on 25th December

(E) Impossible to happen

As moon revolved around earth is universal truth which cannot be denied

(F) Certain to happen

If ball thrown up in air it will definitely come back to ground due to gravitation force of earth

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