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The two of my favourite print advertisement are mentioned above 1st is of Magicbricks who are one of the leading property solution company, and 2nd is of Pears soap one the best and different product in the market.


a) The tagline is “For anything and everything” in terms of property solution, and by placing a street sign logo company is showing various options available with them.

b) By this ad, the Brand is trying to show how much they are concerned and connected with the people's requirement.

c) Through this print ad, the company is trying to get connected with all the people and prompting them to buy their home through them.

d) I will not feel anything bad, as it is being a personal choice.

2) Pears

a) The tagline says “Keep the innocence of Your skin alive”, as the brand tries to make the bonding with the customer by showing how much they care about the customer.

b) The brand tries to show the love and care between a mother and daughter, the same way the brand cares about the customer.

c) The Brand is targeting each and every customer.

d) I will not feel anything bad, as it is being a personal choice.

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