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Choose another region in India and do a similar study of the historical and geographical factors that influence the diversity found there. Are these historical and geographical factors connected to each other? How?

Answer :

1. Region: Ladakh

Geographical Features: Ladakh is a desert in the mountains of the eastern part of Jammu and Kashmir. Very little agriculture is possible here since this region does not receive any rain and is covered in snow for a large part of the year. There are a very few trees that can grow in this region. For drinking water, people depend on the melting snow during the summer months.

Historical Features: Ladakh was considered a good trade route as it had many passes through which caravans traveled to what is today called Tibet. These caravans carried textiles, spices, raw silk, and carpets. Buddhism reached Tibet via Ladakh. Ladakh is also called Little Tibet. The Islam was introduced in this region more than four hundred years ago. Ladakh has a very rich oral tradition of songs and poems.

2. Region:

Geographical Features: Situated in the south-west corner of India. It is surrounded by sea on one hand and hills on the other. It has a wet and maritime tropical climate influenced by the seasonal heavy rains. The western coastal belt is relatively flat compared to the eastern region and has many lakes and canals.

Historical Factors: Due to coastal areas, export and import were prevalent and thus there are people from many religions. Jewish and Arab traders were the first to come here. People of different religious backgrounds can be found in Kerala. Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity are majorly found in Kerala. Festivals like Onam, Eid, Christmas, etc. are celebrated. The fertile land and climate are suited to growing rice and the majority of people here eat rice, fish, and vegetables.

Though Ladakh and Kerala are located in extreme different locations and have different historical and geographical inferences altogether. But both the places have similar religious practices and people of different religions live peacefully.

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