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Calculate the dimension of

(a) (b) vBℓ (c)

The symbols have their usual meanings.

Answer :

(a)using faraday’s law of induction

Where ϵ is the emf or voltage

has thus the dimensions of voltage

Voltage is given by formula


W=work done


Dimensions of W=

Dimensions of Q=

The dimensions of voltage can be given as


(b) vBl is the motional emf developed due to motion of conductor of length l with velocity v in a magnetic field (B)

Therefore, vBl has same dimensions as of voltage

Therefore, by eqn.(i)

(c) by faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction


ϵ =emf produced

ϕ =flux of magnetic field

thus has same dimensions as of emf or voltage

therefore, by eqn.(i)

Therefore , and all have same dimensional formula equal to

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