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Q. 1Bureaucracy is
  • A.Permanent executive
  • B.Temporary executive
  • C.Temporary part of legislature
  • D.None of the above
  • Q. 2Which of the following has been entrusted with the task of conducting the process of recruitment of the civil servants for the government of India?
  • A.Election Commission
  • B.DoPT
  • C.Union Public Service Commission
  • D.Planning Commission
  • Q. 3Which of the following is not an All India Service?
  • A.Indian Revenue Service
  • B.Indian Police Service
  • C.Indian Administrative Service
  • D.Both B and C
  • Q. 4Who can take disciplinary action against All India Service officers?
  • A.Election Commission
  • B.UPSC
  • C.State Government
  • D.Central Government
  • Q. 5Sales Tax Officer come under
  • A.Central Services
  • B.State Services
  • C.All India Services
  • D.None of the above