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Briefly explain how the nutrient needs of adults are influenced by:

a. Activity level

b. Body size/composition

c. Age

Answer :

The nutrient requirement shows a wide variety of children, adults and men and women.

a. Activity level: The nutrient needs of a person depend upon the activeness and physical work done by the body. As compared to children, adults spend more energy in various physical and mental tasks. Hence, they require more energy intake. Similarly, a more active person needs more nutrient than a lazy person. Therefore, more energy-giving food needs to be taken.

b. Body size/composition: More the body mass more is the energy requirement. Large body size has more muscle tissue which means a large number of cells to take care of. Therefore, high metabolism. Relatively large body size contains more active tissues and thus requires more energy.

c. Age: As a person grows, energy and nutrient needs vary. From childhood to adulthood, there is an increased demand for nutrition as the body is growing at a rapid rate. The metabolism of the body fastens. There is increased production of muscles and body mass. Therefore adults require more energy. But as a person nears to old age, nutrition requirement is decreased. This is because metabolism slows down and the body performs less physical work. There is no significant growth in the body.

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