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Boojho, Paheli and their friend Golu were provided with a test tube each containing China rose solution which was pink in colour. Boojho added two drops of solution ‘A’ in his test tube and got dark pink colour. Paheli added 2 drops of solution ‘B’ to her test tube and got green colour. Golu added 2 drops of solution ‘C’ but could not get any change in colour. Suggest the possible cause for the variation in their results.

Answer :

A solution of china rose turns green in a basic solution, and bright pink or magenta in an acidic solution. Since after addition of solution ‘A’ by Boojho, the testube solution became dark pink, hence we can conclude that it contained basic solution. Similarly, Paheli’s Solution ‘B’ contains acid because it turns china rose green. Since no color change was observed using Solution ‘c’ it is neutral.

So Solution A = Base

Solution B= Acid and Solution C= neutral.

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