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Boojho goes to the football ground to play football. The distance-time graph of his journey from his home to the ground is given as Figure 13.9.

(a) What does the graph between point B and C indicate about the motion of Boojho?

(b) Is the motion between 0 to 4 minutes uniform or nonuniform?

(c) What is his speed between 8 and 12 minutes of his journey?

Answer :

a) Graph between point B and C is parallel to the x-axis as time is changing but distance remains the same means there is no motion.

Boojho is at rest position.

b) Motion between time 0 min to 4 min is nonuniform because the graph is not straight. It like two-line joining at point A.

c) At time 12-minute distance is 225 m and at time 8-minute distance is 150 m so speed is distance divided by the time taken

Speed =

= 18.75 m/min

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