How to Prepare Chemistry for NEET 2020: Top 10 Preparation Tips

10 Preparation Tips for Chemistry

By Poojashree AgarwalUpdated : Sep 9, 2020 , 22:01 IST
How to Prepare Chemistry for NEET 2020: Top 10 Preparation Tips

The best time to prepare yourself for NEET 2020 is from today itself. It is a very crucial moment for every medical aspirant. For medical aspirants, the next most important subject is Chemistry. There must be a lot of pressure on students in this part of the year, with both their passions and careers at stake. A big challenge for every student in some way or the other is the efficient management of time and proper distribution of time among all the subjects at hand.

Preparing for NEET 2020 is very difficult with so much competition all around. Even more so for students are doing it without the help of any prominent coaching centres. Furthermore, the fresh class 12 students who are having to study both for the board exams and NEET together, it is a herculean challenge for them. There are 24 hours in a day and it is not possible to study all the time during the day and a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep is needed daily to keep the mind fresh and active to intake more data and process more information in a faster and wiser way.

NEET Chemistry Preparation Tips & Tricks

Time is a bit elastic and with the proper guidance, it is possible for students to manage all 3 subjects to grab the detailed NEET syllabus with ease. So let us talk here how to prepare chemistry for NEET 2020.

1) Keep it simple

The first thing to keep in mind for NEET is to keep in simple and do those simple things perfectly and as fast as you can. NEET questions are not the toughest in nature and neither are they designed to choose the one with the most IQ score. NEET demands a variety of skills and applications. For chemistry, it is absolutely important to first go through the previous year question papers and notice the pattern of questions. They are mostly designed with a simple twist. But given the very little time allotted (180 questions in 180 minutes), even these become a big challenge. So practice the same type of questions again and again till you have perfected one type, and then move to the next type.

2) The key to success is practice

Only reading the formulas in physical chemistry or the reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry will leave you stranded in a test, without actual practice of the questions. After learning a formula in physical or a mechanism in organic chemistry, try to practice a lot of problems on those concepts so that you get the application right. It is almost impossible to apply any concept or law in the heat of the exam without having the practice of that type of question before. Only the truly intellectually gifted one can do that in which case NEET won’t be a challenge for you and you won’t need these points. So, attempt subject wise questions in our new practice section. 

3) Time distribution

Do not neglect chemistry just because it may seem easier than physics to many of the medical aspirants. If something feels easy to you, hone those more and more so that you can score most of the marks from that segment. Do not rush with a topic just to complete it. Divide your time for all the major topics of all the subjects properly. Manage your timetable according to your school studies. Try not to study difficult topics one after another. This will result in mixing up of concepts in your head and may create difficulty in recalling the concepts later. Remember it doesn’t matter in which segment of the paper you score as long as your score is higher than your competitors.
Also in the examination hall, try to keep 50 minutes for chemistry. Try to solve biology within 50 minutes too. This will give you a bit additional time to solve the calculation based problems of physics of physical chemistry. To analyze these factors, try our Mock test

4) Study Inorganic chemistry throughout the year

It is a major misconception that inorganic chemistry is all about mugging up and it must be done only at the last moment before the examination. Well, this is not applicable to many. You must try to learn them by heart, little at a time, throughout the year. It will become instilled in you, thus making it difficult for you to forget the exam anxiety even. It will also help you focus on other things more evenly before exams.

5) NCERT factor

You must follow a number of reference books for the understanding of different concepts in chemistry and practice a lot of MCQ's from a lot of books. But before all of that, you must get familiarized with every topic in NCERT chemistry books. It may seem too simple to come in the exam, but you will surely find at least 80% of the questions from NCERT.

6) Reference books

A large number of reference books for chemistry are available in the market. Some of the good ones are the set of chemistry theory and MCQs from Arihant and also Objective Biology by Dinesh. O.P Tandon can be practiced for physical chemistry if you want to excel. It might not be an absolute must, but it will surely help. Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd for Organic Chemistry and Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee for Inorganic Chemistry can be referred for some advanced knowledge.

7) Last day preparation

Make a brief list of the things that you have read and understood, but keep on forgetting again and again. Also of things, you are most anxious about to come to an exam the next day. Also shortlist all the formulas from Physical chemistry chapters in a single place, so that you can roll over your eyes on as much as you can just before going out for the exam.

8) Don’t try new things just a few days ago

It is almost impossible to learn or understand new things just a week before the exam. If you could not have done that in 2 years, it is better for you to leave that segment completely and hope that the minimum number of questions come from there. Trying out new things before the exam will cause wastage of a lot of time and cause panic and anxiety.

9) Last week revision

It is highly advisable that you revise the entire NEET UG 2020: Syllabus for Chemistry as much as possible in the last week before the exam. I know it is a mammoth task but this week is the most important and can be life-changing for you. The more you manage to revise in the last week, the number of things will be fresh in your mind and you will be able to answer more easily.

10) Take care of your health

Ultimately you need to physically fit and healthy to carry out any of the advice said before. So try to eat as much healthy and non-spicy food from a week before the exam. Drink a lot of water and get the minimum number of hours of sleep to keep your brain functioning perfectly.

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