7 Reasons Why NCERT Books are Sufficient for JEE Main 2020

Importance of NCERT for JEE Main 2020

By Mohit ChauhanUpdated : July 29, 2020 , 15:14 IST
7 Reasons Why NCERT Books are Sufficient for JEE Main 2020

NCERT books sufficient for JEE Main 2020: As we know that JEE Main exam’s questions are mostly of NCERT level only but many students ignore them. So, we have assembled the top reasons why NCERT Books are important for JEE Main 2020 preparation, and why you must read NCERT books for JEE Main 2020.

Students these days gets easily stressed during the JEE Main exam season every year. With the availability of all types of sources for the exam, students usually end up taking wrong decisions before deciding the right option. There are many other JEE Main 2020 books which are important for the exams preparation. But to avoid all this mess and score well in JEE Main 2020, students must refer to NCERT books. NCERT books are helpful for all competitive exam preparations in India. Students preparing for JEE-Mains should refer to NCERT books to score well.

Top 7 Reasons NCERT Books are Sufficient for JEE Main 2020

1. JEE Mains question paper includes questions directly from NCERT textbooks

There are many questions in JEE Main which are directly picked from NCERT books. Many times there are one-liner questions that are being picked from the text of the paragraphs, so it is asked always that students should read the entire theory thoroughly. So, you should refer to NCERT books solutions for your preparation to score well in the exam.

2. Summary at the end of each chapter allows quick revision

The summary is given at the end of each chapter help student to revise the whole chapter in minutes. Summary clearly give you a short overview of the complete chapter as the points given are prepared in such a manner that each and every concept of the chapter is covered. Also, the important points in the boxes along with the solved example are also important.

3. NCERT books are the most reliable study material for JEE Mains

NCERT books should form the foundation of your preparation. No matter what coaching you go to, NCERTs are a must-read for every JEE Main aspirant.

4. NCERT books help you polish basic concepts

NCERT books give you a clear vision of all the basics without any confusion. NCERT books deeply cover the fundamentals of all topics for students. A clear concept of basics plays an important role in the preparation of JEE Main. Not only JEE Main 2020 but also other National level Engineering Entrance Exam are been based on the question of NCERT level.

5. Easy explanation of concepts in Chemistry & Mathematics

Questions given in all NCERT books are fewer than questions in other sourcebooks, but they are designed effectively to cover the syllabus of the exam. Moreover, NCERT books are written in easy language by experts in broad research. However, some students say that studying Physics from NCERT is not an easy job due to the use of difficult language. Nevertheless, you may choose reference books such as HC Verma to understand the concepts of Physics in detail. 

6. NCERT- An all-round study material for Organic & Inorganic Chemistry 

Mainly in Chemistry, organic reactions and other organic conversions are directly asked from the NCERT book. So it is advised to take the base of NCERT level.

7. Expect derivations directly from NCERT Physics book 

In Physics, the theory is comparatively not much but the derivations and questions from chapters like Modern Physics and Electrostatics are always picked from NCERT books only. Also, Class 11th NCERT Portion is way much important from JEE Main point of view in both Physics & Chemistry

Hence, if you want to score well in the JEE Main examination, you must refer to NCERT Books. With the right time management and NCERT books, there is no looking back for you. Let us know if you face any problem while preparing for the JEE Main 2020 preparation. 

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