What are the Most Important Topics in GK for AIIMS 2019 MBBS Exam


By Mohit ChauhanPublished : Aug 5, 2020 , 14:17 IST
What are the Most Important Topics in GK for AIIMS 2019 MBBS Exam

We have received a number of queries by users regarding, “How to prepare for GK in AIIMS?”, “What major topics should we focus on?”, “ What different kind of questions can be asked in GK for AIIMS?”.  We understand that neither does AIIMS provide any specific syllabus for GK nor the students pay much attention to prepare GK for the entire two years. However, GK is as important as is the other section of the paper. 10 questions on GK and 10 on logical aptitude can significantly increase your score and can definitely help you to rise in the ladder. So, this article will focus on Preparation Strategy and Important topics in GK. Let’s start with major Major topics to focus on to prepare GK in the last 18 days left.

AIIMS 2019: Important Topics For General Knowledge

  1. Current Affairs (Major headlines in the past six months)
  2. Science and Technology (Inventions and Achievements by a different scientist, Nobel Prize winners)
  3. Indian History (Major historical events)
  4. Eminent personalities (In Art and music, Politics, sports)
  5. Political Events (Elections, Political bodies and a basic idea of Constitution)
  6. Heritage sites, botanical parks, wildlife sanctuaries.
  7. Sports (Achievements and trophies, Olympics and Paralympics)
  8. Movies and Oscars

Preparation Strategies for AIIMS 2019 GK

  1. Read the newspaper every day- Focus on major headlines
  2. Try bulleting the major social and political  (like demonetisation)
  3. Try making flashcards for winners in the major field of sports (focus more on Olympics this year)
  4. Regularly test yourself by giving daily and weekly Quizzes by Gradeup started from 6th May 2019.
  5. Try following apps like Inshorts and  Knappily (Knowledge App Daily) for the complete analysis of current affairs apart from business, politics, entertainment, sports etc.

I need not to say that GK Section consists of very basic questions though. So don’t overstress yourself while preparing for the same. You can refer below section to validate my point. I am sure you all are quite aware of these questions.

Previous Year Question from GK in AIIMS 

  • Full form of ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
  • Which is the first the digital state of India? (Ans. Kerala)
  • 1st Bullet Train runs from (Mumbai to Ahmedabad )
  • What is the colour of the black box? (Ans. Orange)
  • CEO of Google (Mr Sundar Pichai)
  • Which SC Judge gave the NEET order? (Mr A.R. Dave)
  • Which is the blue planet? (Earth)

If still in doubt, post your queries in the comment section.

Static General Knowledge Digest

We are also running a 20 Days revision plan for AIIMS 2019. Follow the plan rigorously and enhance your problem-solving skills. Also, Important Classes covering the important topics for the last 15 days revision

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