How to Score 600+ in NEET 2020 | Tricks, Tips & Study Plan

How to score 600+ in NEET 2020

By Mohit ChauhanUpdated : Aug 4, 2020 , 18:45 IST
How to Score 600+ in NEET 2020 | Tricks, Tips & Study Plan

Everybody has only 24 hours in a day and everyone is on the same page as you are. The difference lies in how well you manage your time. Even if you do sleep 7 hours a day, you will still have 119 hours a week to devote to the preparation of NEET 2020. Yes, it is inevitable for anyone to study all day.

Here are some tips to help you start preparing and score 600+ marks in NEET exam.

How to Score 600+ in NEET 2020?

1. Mentally Prepare Yourself

 This is the first thing you have to do. Every day, remind yourself of your goals and how you will do anything to achieve them. Getting a 600+ in NEET is only possible when you put everything in it, even your Mindset. As it is said,

"Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize"

2. Schedule & Plan

Make a daily ‘to-do’ list of the topics you plan on covering. For a topic you cover today from the NEET syllabus, you need to do practice questions or MCQ’S, on the day of the same and the following day as well so that you retain what you learned. 

Click on the link below to access the list:

Daily Quizzes

3. Be Reasonable

Making a schedule and list is of no use if you have planned to do an unreasonable number of topics. Your list should have just enough topics for you to finish. And of course, if you’re done early one day, do another from the next day’s schedule.

4. Reading is Never Enough

You need to write down the formulae to retain them in your memory. And it’s the same with certain important points. Here you can be benefitted from short Notes and self-study notes.

5. Where to Study

This is important. Don’t lie down on the bed and study; you yourself know you’ll end up taking a nap like this. Find a quiet corner where you have your peace of mind and can give you 100% attention to your studies and preparation. Ensure that there is good lighting, zero or low noise and absolutely no distractions.

6. When to Study What

Concentrate on only one thing at a time. Just figure out when are you able to concentrate the best? Study the difficult or ‘boring’ topics first and then move onto the ones you prefer or find easy. The reason is simple- you can study what you like anytime but it’s not easy to give it your 100% to a topic you find difficult at 9 in the night. Thus, prioritize your topics according to the strength of difficulty.

7. Take Breaks

Your breaks are for you to rejuvenate your mind and body. Go for a small walk or just go to the balcony/garden to get some fresh air.

8. Bye-Bye Social Media

You have to make compromises and letting go of your Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat is an important one. Do not use them as an excuse to relax. Instead, you can focus your energy to read and scroll through important information and tips and tricks regarding the NEET Exam. You can read the success stories and learn what they did right to achieve their Dream.

9. Other Distractions

Unnecessarily wasting time watching TV is not going to help you achieve your goals. Watch the news during the breaks you take as this will help improve your knowledge of current affairs.

10. Eat Healthy

Been hearing this a lot, haven’t you? Well, it’s obvious. You need to eat nutritious and healthy to have the energy to concentrate. Don’t skip meals because you’re worried you won't be able to finish your topics for the day.

11. Personal Hygiene

Eating healthy is not enough. You need to maintain personal hygiene, or else you’ll be falling sick way too often.

12. Practice to Understand

It is never enough to just solve questions; you need to understand the concept behind one if you are unable to answer it. The same goes with numerical, learn from your mistakes, brush up on the procedure followed to solve the sum and make sure your calculations are perfect. 

13. Solving NEET Sample/Previous Years’ Question Papers

  • Previous year paper provides you with an in-depth understanding of question format and mark distribution pattern. It also helps to familiarize students by minimizing exam anxiety. By practicing NEET previous year paper, students become much more aware of the actual test paper and also become more efficient in their speed in terms of attempting questions. 

For a detailed study plan for one year to target NEET 2020, click on the link below:

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