Goprep App for Classes 6-12, JEE, NEET Preparation | Download Free Live Learning App

The Goprep app is the most-trusted platform that is going to assist you in your academics from classes 6-12 , JEE, NEET.

By Rahul SinghUpdated : Oct 28, 2020 , 17:13 IST
 Goprep App for Classes 6-12, JEE, NEET Preparation | Download Free Live Learning AppGoprep app

Goprep APP is now available to download for all those who are looking to effectively learn beyond books. The Goprep app is the most-trusted platform that is going to assist you in your academics from classes 6-12 by providing complete NCERT solutions. With detailed solutions of each topic Goprep is as good as NCERT solution app which facilitates every topic, every question and every concept present in NCERT. The Goprep app is a medium to facilitate the teaching-learning process making it more accessible and engaging. The Goprep app download feature is now active for all the aspirants. 

The key feature of Goprep is to help the students who are looking for guidance and study material for nationwide competitive exams like JEE and NEET. Its study resources makes it the best app for NEET preparation. Its significant features to provide all the necessary information and techniques for exams like JEE and NEET make it suitable for aiming for Online coaching for NEET 2021. Not only the CBSE board but also many other state-boards are covered in the Goprep app which provides comprehensive study materials.

Why Download Goprep App?

Goprep helps you provide a common platform to comprehend, analyse, synthesize and evaluate all the concepts and topics that you come across. This not only makes your basic conceptual levels concrete but also helps in increasing your understanding by making you a critical thinker. 

Engaging content makes learning fun and interactive. The descriptive, explanatory and structured content of the study materials of this Live learning app are well related by the students. With more than thousands of study notes and practice papers, you can grease the wheel by choosing Goprep app. 

With detailed NCERT Solutions of classes 6-12, you will be able easily assisted in studies by this NCERT solution app. Goprep app also aims to crack exams like JEE, NEET. With association of best faculties and benefiting resources, download the best app for NEET 2021 for a sure shot success in the exam. If you are looking for JEE preparation, Goprep offeres best resources and faculties that will guide you towards the goal in best possible way. Goprep is the apt JEE Main preparation app as it comes with all the necessary requirements for making it through the exam.

How to use Goprep App?

To access this revolutionised learning experience by the Live Learning app, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Visit the Google Play Store
  • Type Goprep in the Search Bar
  • You will come across the download button
  • Download the app and utilise the excellent resources available for the best of results.

As of now, Goprep is only available to Android users only. The Goprep app for iOS will soon be launched. 


Note: Goprep expedites the preparation for JEE and NEET which is why it ensures sure shot success in these All India Exams. With the increasing competition, we need to improvise our strategies now and then. Hence, Goprep is a nimble-witted and the best app for NEET preparation which gives a boost to your preparation and takes you to a new pedestal. 

Goprep App features

Goprep app not only helps the students to elevate their performances but also helps the parents to monitor the child’s progress. Goprep app is designed with a purpose to give a new dimension to the learning process. The students today struggle hours through the internet to find relevant study material from a plethora of resources. Which is why we introduce you to Goprep live app which not only saves time but also gives the most beneficial experience of learning. NCERT solution app download is as good as downloading the Goprep app as a well provision for all the NCERT materials.


Extensive Practice sessions

Goprep gives you thousands of practice questions along with detailed answers so that no concept goes unclear. The purpose behind this is to bring the utmost clarity and precision in whatever you learn. This enables in-depth knowledge and understanding of the topics. With this Online Coaching app you can easily access all the material as per your convenience.


Follow Updated Syllabus

All the resources under Goprep are following the latest syllabus and exam patterns. There is no chance that the students will be left behind in the preparation. With all the advanced questions, concepts and tricks, students will be well-versed with the syllabus. Talking about specific exams like JEE and NEET, this Live Learning app provides wide variety of study notes in different forms making it the best app for NEET preparation 2021 and JEE Main preparation app. 


Engaging Resources

Goprep app provides interesting and engaging resources which help the students learn in innovative ways. Goprep app is designed keeping in mind the interests of the students as well as their requirements. Focusing on both, Goprep app believes to deliver the most informative yet innovative study resources which reform the whole learning process.

Parent Supervision

It is very important to be vigilant about your child’s progress. Keeping in mind the importance of Parent supervision, Goprep app makes it parent-friendly so that they can easily track and record their child’s performance over a period. This will not only give you the satisfaction of using Goprep but will also inculcate a sense of trust in your child and his efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are study materials provided for every chapter of a subject?

    Yes study material is provided for every chapter of every subject in detail.

  • Does Goprep App provide sufficient material for Exams like NEET, JEE?

    Goprep has its key feature for which is significant for the preparation of exams like JEE, NEET. the study material is well equipped with all the necessary information

  • Is Goprep best Coaching app for NEET 2021?

    Goprep comes with a structured approach for preparation of exams like NEET. targeting NEET 2021, we have already formulated all the necessary resources which will give you the best results

  • Is Goprep app for iOS available?

    Goprep is available for Android users for now. Goprep for iOS is under progress and soon launched.

  • What are the subscription charges for Goprep?

    Goprep study material is readily available to you on the Goprep app. If you are looking for courses to upgrade your performance and knowledge, we have wide variety of courses for different domains at a minimal amount.


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