Best Strategy to Crack NEET 2019 by Shubham Garg (AIR 134)

Shubham Garg (AIR 134) has shared the best strategies about how to crack NEET 2019 in first attempt & score good mark. Check tips inside the post!

By Neha BagriUpdated : Sep 10, 2020 , 0:09 IST
Best Strategy to Crack NEET 2019 by Shubham Garg (AIR 134)

NEET is a highly competitive entrance examination, moreover, it is one of the toughest exams in the country with a selection rate of less than 1%. I would say it is “considerably tough” to score 600 in NEET, going solely by the fact that only about 400 students are able to secure >600 marks out of the 11  lakh students who appear for the exam. That means only about 0.05% students are able to score >600

So, what you should do to Crack NEET 2019 with a target to land up in this 0.05 % of students.

Tips to Crack NEET 2019

  1. Believe in you: First of all, ditch any thought that comes to your mind about you not being capable enough of cracking NEET. You must internally crave to make this dream come true. Make sure you want it. Like that's the only thing you see. It must come from within. Crave for it. Live for it.
  2. Perseverance: One can achieve this seemingly difficult task rather easily by clinging on to the most important virtue of perseverance ie Constant Hard work. Perseverance is the key to success. The basic strategy to master any topic is to go through its theory and then practice an ample number of questions on the same topic, thus mastering it. Also, keep solving question papers on a regular basis in a timed setup to assess your performance and keep raising your target for guaranteed success. Keep assessing your weak areas and work on them more. Leave no stone unturned from your end and you'll find yourself facing the exam rather conveniently.
  3. Focus on Covering Syllabus: If a student is well-versed with the syllabus and has studied the whole syllabus thoroughly in the past, then yes one can easily score >600 after starting revision in April. And this routine is followed by most of the students who are occupied with class XII boards examinations till March and then revise the whole syllabus in the month of April and ace NEET. But if you expect a person who hasn't studied anything decides to give his best shot in the month of April, then it becomes extremely difficult for them to even cross 550. But then this should not deter you from giving your best in the last month. Instead of searching for an example, set an example and prove everyone wrong.
  4. Strategic Learning
    • For Biology, thorough reading sessions of NCERT will prepare you to face both boards and NEET for 12th biology. For better score in biology in NEET, you must also practice plenty of MCQs from standard books and/or previous year question papers.
    • For Chemistry, NCERT is more than enough for the inorganic part. The physical chemistry part is easy but requires the practice of a variety of questions. The organic part is the trickiest and you need to build concepts for NEET but organic is rather easy and invariably the same for boards. Again basic advice is to practice a lot of questions from coaching modules, standard books, and previous year question papers.
    • For Physics, concepts are of paramount importance for both boards and NEET but more so for NEET. Try to analyze the previous year trends and practice more of the portion. This can help you gain >90 marks easily in boards. NEET Physics is generally the part dreaded the most by medical aspirants but it is rather easy to score >100 out of 180 (which is way above average) by analyzing the important and scoring topics like modern physics, etc. which take up less time but can fetch you plenty of marks. It's better to invest your time on something productive than wasting time you might regret wasting later. You might not feel like studying the whole day but try to devote as much time as you can.
  5. Invest in Productive Habits: It's better to invest your time on something productive than wasting time you might regret wasting later. You might not feel like studying sometimes which is absolutely fine, so close books at that time. What should you do instead? Get involved in some outdoor activities which basically refreshes your mind. It can be cricket, football, gaming, dance, gossip sessions with family, movies, basically anything that helps you to break the monotonicity in your daily schedule.
  6. Focus on Important Topics: Physics is considered the toughest portion in NEET by most of the medical aspirants. So first of all the chapters I would recommend doing properly are (the ones that are easy and can be attempted in the exam without a very firm conceptual base):
  • Thermodynamics- Many formula-based questions.
  • Modern Physics- Quite easy and again formula-based questions.
  • Units and Dimensions- Seems easy but there's 1 question from this chapter almost every year.
  • Kinematics- Some questions are very easy and also this chapter has been studied by almost everyone multiple times.
  • Gravitation, Electrostatics and Magnetic effects- Not very easy in general but prefer these if you are thorough with 1–3.

Physics is considered tough because of the Mathematics component involved with it. So, basically, to overcome your fear of solving Physics Numericals, I would suggest that you get accustomed to the Mathematics part first. For this, go through the mathematical tool Section given in all the Physics reference books. Try taking the help of your PCM friends to save time and quickly understand the applications of various formulas.

Don't neglect any chapter completely like rotation mechanics is considered tough but sometimes it has the direct formula-based questions based on rotational analogues of equations of motion or those based on the calculation of moment of inertia. Similarly, optics is considered tough but sometimes it has very straightforward questions like even those based on Snell's law, etc. Also, keep practising previous year question papers to assess your weak areas. Look for those areas which you're getting wrong repeatedly and especially if they are easy topics, work on them well. Try to increase your score every day in the previous year question papers so that you build confidence.

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