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Bholu and Golu are playing in a ground. They start running from the same point A in the ground and reach point B at the same time by following the paths marked 1 and 2 respectively as shown in Fig. 10.3. Which of the following is/are true for the given situation.

As compared to Golu, Bholu covers a
A. longer distance but with a lower speed.

B. longer distance with a higher speed.

C. shorter distance with a lower speed.

D. shorter distance with a higher speed.

Answer :

Tip: The sum of two sides of a triangle is always greater than the third side.

This means that the distance along path 1 is more than path 2.

Bholu travels along two sides of the triangle (path 1). Golu travels along only one side of the triangle (path 2). So, Bholu travels longer distance than Golu.

Both reach at the same time. To cover a longer distance in same time as Golu, Bholu needs faster speed for running. So, Bholu travels at higher speed than Golu.

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