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Based on the foll

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My aunt is an adorable person. She is short & plum and smiles all the time. She was a teacher but gave up teaching in school because standing for too long would make her back hurt. Now she teaches neighbourhood kids at home after school and does all the cooking and cleaning for my uncle who is a absent minded Mathematics professor at the University. One day, my aunt had gone to her mother’s place for a short visit when my uncle decided to make lunch for himself. He put on some chopped vegetables on the stove and went out to clean his bicycle in the yard in the meanwhile. It was only when the neighbour, passing by the his yard, shouted to him that something was burning that he remembered the vegetables. He rushed in and panicked observing the smoke rising from the pan. He quickly poured some oil into the pan to salvage what was left of the vegetables. Unfortunately, it was machine oil for his bicycle, and not cooking oil. That afternoon my uncle had only bread for lunch.

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