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Arrange the jumbled words to arrive at the appropriate names of materials and also write two uses of each.

(a) milaunim

(b) tcaslpi

(c) soekrnee

(d) gavnier

Answer :

a) Aluminium

Uses of aluminium:

i. Aluminium is used to make foil paper.

ii. It is used for making electrical wires.

b) Plastic

Uses of plastic:

i. Plastic is used in making bottles.

ii. It is used in making buckets, mugs etc.

c) Kerosene

Uses of kerosene:

i. It used as lamp fuel when electricity is unavailable.

ii. It is used as a solvent.

d) Vinegar

Uses of vinegar:

i. It used as a food preservative.

ii. It is used in food ingredient.

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