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Answer the following questions in one or two words or sentences:

(a) Why should we prefer to use paper bags rather than polythene bags?

(b) Who, out of the following should properly dispose of the garbage – father, mother, elder brother, younger sister?

(c) Which one out of beetles, roundworm and earthworm are used for vermicomposting and why?

Answer :

a. We prefer to use paper bags rather than polythene bags as paper bags can be recycled but polythene bags are non-biodegradable and persist in the environment as such causing pollution and various health hazards.

b. Every member of the family whether father, mother, brother or sister should properly dispose the garbage. It is the duty of every citizen, family members to dispose garbage properly.

c. Earthworm is used for vermicomposting as they can convert organic wastes like kitchen wastes, plant wastes, animal wastes into compost which can be used as a manure in agricultural fields.

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