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Answer the follow

Answer :

(a) ClF the neutral molecule which is isoelectronic with ClO.


Iselectronic means both molecules have same number of electrons.

Total number of electrons in ClO- = 17 + 8 + 1 = 26

Total number of electrons in ClF = 17 + 9 = 26

As both the species contain 26 number of electrons. Thus, ClF the neutral molecule which is isoelectronic with ClO-.

(b) The shape of H2S2O7 is given below:

(c) Nitric acid (HNO3) on reaction with P4 (white phosphorus), forms an oxide of nitrogen, i.e., NO2 (nitrogen dioxide)

P4 + 20HNO3 20NO2 + 4H3PO4 + 4H2O

When nitrogen dioxide (NO2) undergoes dimerization, it forms dinitrogen tetroxide (N2O4)

2NO2 N2O4

(d) Bleaching action of chlorine is permanent.


Cl2 + H2O 2 HCl + [O]

Coloured substance + O Colourless substance

The bleaching action of Cl2 is due to the oxidation of coloured substances to colourless substances by nascent oxygen. Thus, bleaching effect of Cl2 is permanent.

(e) The oxoacid of nitrogen in which nitrogen is in +3 oxidation state is HNO2

Let the oxidation state of N is x

Oxidation state of H is 1 and oxygen is (-2)

1 + x + (-2) × 2 = 0

x-3 = 0

x = 3

Thus, in HNO3, the oxidation state of Nitrogen is +3

The disproportionation reaction of HNO2 is:

3HNO2 HNO3 + H2O + 2NO

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