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Answer the following questions.

a. Explain the role of district disaster control unit after occurrence of any disaster.

b. Give the reasons for increase in human disasters after the World War-II.

c. Which are the objectives of disaster management?

d. Why is it essential to get the training of first aid?

e. Which different methods are used for transportation of patients? Why?

Answer :

a. Role of district disaster control unit:

District disaster control unit is established to get complete information and impacts of disasters after it occurred.

This unit keeps contact with army, police force, telecommunication department for getting help after occurrence of disaster.

It also coordinates with various volunteering organization for their help.

b. Reasons for increase in human disasters after the World War-II are:

Increasing population – Overpopulation is one of the main causes of all types of human disasters.

Different religion – Due to different religions, racism takes place which leads to fight among different groups.

Economic inequality – economic inequality is main reason due to which condition of instability in the country is arising day by day.

c. Objectives of disaster management includes:

To help and release the people from attack during the calamity.

To provide necessary commodities of the people to reduce the effect of disaster.

To create friendly relation with suffered people in disaster to restore their life.

To provide shelter to victims of disaster.

To prevent disaster or to make arrangement to face it.

d. It is essential to get the training of first aid because:

Use of this knowledge is useful for offering the help to the injured people around you.

We can save one’s life by having proper knowledge of first aid.

First aid is the initial assistance given to the victim

Training in first aid benefit the individuals themselves when any emergency directly happens with them.

e. The different methods used for transportation of patients are:

Cradle method

Carrying on back

Carrying on two hands

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