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The people of Reveloe initially believe Silas to be a mysterious man. He kept to himself and did not socialise with anyone. This led them to believe that he was an odd man. He worked all day and tried to make money, and the more he made the more he wanted. All these actions led to the belief that Silas was not an amicable person. When he approaches the people of Raveloe after losing his money, he gains sympathy from the crowd and they begin to consider him a little softly. They decide to help him out. When Silas takes in the abandoned daughter of Molly’s and raises her as his own, he begins to be much respected and revered man by the people of the village. They see him as a kind and generous man who agreed to care for an orphan though he had no reason to. His care for the girl was of much talk among the village people, who saw that the girl considered him as her father figure and loved him very dearly. In this manner, silas becomes a well accepted member of Raveloe.


Dunstan Cass is the younger son of Squire Cass, who was the most respected man in Raveloe. However, in complete contrast to him, and to his brother Godfrey, Dunstan is pure evil. He is vain, arrogant and lacks any empathy. He is a thief and has no remorse for his acts. He even blackmails his own brother when the opportunity arises. He steals Silas’ gold and runs away. He does not have any redeeming qualities or virtues that could be considered. He, however, has an idea of his worthlessness and does realize that he is a bad person. Dunstan drinks and gambles his days away. He does not even care for the dead horse in the beginning of the story. He is selfish and lewd. In many instances, he is present to show Godfrey in a saving light, as comparatively Godfrey is much better off even with his few flaws. Dunstan Cass is found with the gold in a ditch bar Silas Mariner’s house many years later.


Both Kemp and Griffin are scientists, however the former was of a good heart, and the latter was evil.

Griffin had no consideration for anyone except himself. All his acts were selfish. He did not care for anyone. He performed experiments on a cat in spite of its pitiful cries and then threw it out with not a care of its well-being. He robbed his own father when he ran out of money, and when his father committed suicide as it was not his money, Griffin attended the funeral without an ounce of remorse. He was truly heartless as he considered his father to be the sentimental fool to have taken such a drastic step as to kill himself. He did not even consider it to be his fault. After becoming the Invisible Man, he committed crime after crime, not because he had to do it for his survival, but because he enjoyed doing it. He has an evil soul that cares for none and is self-centred.

Kemp on the other hand is kind and thoughtful. He has a strong moral conscience and has a clear set of ethics. When he finds out about Griffin, he listens to his whole story calmly and makes his decision after much thought. He informs the police secretly about Griffin and even puts his own life at risk to get his arrested. This is because he thinks about the greater good of the society above his own life.

Hence, Kemp and Griffin are polar opposites with different views on life, encompassing the good and the evil respectively.


Griffin wanted to become invisible as he thought that to be the solution to all his troubles. He believed that being invisible he could get away with any crime. He could steal without getting caught.

However, once his experiments were successful he began to realise the many drawbacks of being invisible. The first being the cold. Griffin had to be naked to be invisible and London had chilling winters. Being naked in such conditions would make him freeze to death and hence, he could not be invisible in the winter.

Another drawback was that he could not be invisible when it was raining or snowing as the water would trickle down his body or the snow would rest in his frame creating a clear outline, making him visible.

He could not walk amongst crowds as he could be felt by people. Dogs sensed him and he had to be careful among them.

He could not confide in anyone for fear of them betraying him. Hence, he found many drawbacks in being invisible.

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