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(i) The novel is titled ‘Silas Marner’ but it also tells the story of Godfrey. The events are intervowen to highlight the comparison between the two. Godfrey and Silas were both self-imposed loners. Godfrey had to keep his first wife a secret from everybody, especially Nancy Lammeter. This meant that he had to keep more than a polite distance away from her. His brother, the thief and all around scoundrel blackmailed poor Godfrey to keep his secrets hidden. Silas was betrayed by his whole previous life. The church had let him down and his closest friend had robbed him. This supposed friend even set him up for an accusation of murder. To top it all off, Silas' wife was taken by this friend of his. This type of betrayal makes a person hate humanity especially in such a close-knit community. Silas moved himself to the fringes of civilization. He cared for no one and wanted no one to care for him. Both of their attitudes changed when Eppie arrived. Godfrey was Eppie’s natural father but he neglects his duty, leaving Eppie with a mother who takes drugs and eventually dies. This also showed how shallow he was. Godfrey thought that with money he could win back his daughter, but that was not the case. His failure to tell the truth is rewarded by a childless marriage. Yet at the final moments of this confrontation Eppie's arrival unleashed a side of Silas not seen for fifteen years. Silas embraces the idea of fatherhood and with Dolly’s guidance makes a success of it. He became a caring human being again. Silas took great steps to ensure Eppie's happiness even going to church again and associating with the other villagers.

(ii) There is a theme of the individual and the society underlying in the novel “Silas Marner”. There are two societies are at the heart of Silas Marner and drastically opposed to each other. While Lantern Yard experienced the transformative force of the Industrial Revolution, Raveloe was rural and intimate and changes very little from generation to generation. Marner’s exclusion from Lantern Yard’s society and his initial wilful distance from Raveloe’s society, and his eventual inclusion in this society cause his losing and regaining of faith. By caring for Eppie, Marner adjusts to Raveloe society, acquiring the customs and beliefs of his new home. The traditions define Raveloe’s unique identity and society over generations. At the end of the novel, Marner and Eppie travel to Lantern Yard. The village seemed to transform into a great manufacturing town. The men on the streets of Lantern Yard were too busy to stop and assist Marner and Eppie. Eppie and Marner are both happy at the end of the novel because of the connections they had formed with each other and with Raveloe society. Initially at Raveloe, it took him months to understand what they were saying and then months more to be able to hold a conversation with them. Yet through the growth of Eppie, something took over Silas. He made more friends and worked less on his loom. The loom was the symbol of his old life, the time when he could understand nor trust anyone. Breaking away from the loom demonstrated that he was human again and could be a part of society too.

(iii) The people of Iping village were no match for the Invisible Man when he unveiled himself. The unveiling of the stranger was an unplanned and sudden for himself as for the people of Iping. The Halls hear rumours about the burglary the night before. Everyone at the bar was interested in the strange behaviour of the man who isn’t already liked by the villagers. Mrs. Hall and the stranger start arguing about money because he hasn’t paid his bills recently. But then he says he found some more money and would be happy to pay. This makes everyone think that he was behind the burglary at the vicar’s house. Finally, the stranger gets so fed up that he reveals himself to the people at the bar. Everyone in the village was surprised. The villagers who weren’t in the Coach and Horses came running to see what was the screaming all about. Constable Jaffers comes to arrest the stranger. But when he goes to the inn, they find a headless figure eating some bread and cheese. He reveals himself to be the invisible man. The stranger fights with the crowd and seems to be losing and says that he will surrender but instead takes off all his clothes and became invisible. The Invisible Man starts to beat down on the crowd and they all panic.

(iv) Dr. Kemp was smart and quick to action. After Griffin escapes from Kemp’s trap, he quickly explains to Adye how they can capture him. They would take the help of dogs, locked houses and powdered glass on the roads. At the same time he was foolish to send out a note to the police, without thinking that the Invisible Man might intercept it. He was not brave enough to confront Griffin as he runs away when the police fight the Invisible Man. Kemp is a plot-mover as he gives Griffin a reason to tell his back story. Griffin tells us about his background that he was a scientist and wanted to be a part of the Royal Society, the famous scientific organization. Dr. Kemp is seen as a traitor by Griffin as he is decent and sensible enough to cheat and get him caught by the police. Griffin’s downfall was due to a combination of over confidence, impulsiveness and selfishness. Griffin was a genius whose diligent work had led him to invent a formula for becoming invisible. But after becoming invisible, Griffin went wild and let loose a reign of terror. Seclusion blunted his intellect and he became selfish and a sadist as well. Dr. Kemp tried to persuade Griffin to mend his ways but his efforts were in vain. He pursues research in a responsible manner, believes in sharing research with the world and wants to use it to serve humanity. Griffin destroyed himself and eventually, Griffin met with a tragic end.

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