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(a) The Invisible Man is a tale of suspense that focuses on the scientist who has discovered how to make him invisible. Griffin failed not only as a son and a scientist, but also as a human being. His over confidence led to his downfall. He was an excellent scientist who invented a formula for becoming invisible but in his selfishness he lost his values. While he was experimenting to discover the formula for invisibility he robbed his father and ran away from home. His father was left with no option and committed suicide because he was unable to repay people. Even after losing his father he had no regret. This proved Griffin as a failed son. Science has the power of inventing such things which haven’t even been thought of. But Griffin misused his knowledge in science. He could have used his power of invisibility for the good of the world but he was driven by greed and filled with a desire to unleash a reign of terror. This was his failure as a scientist. As a human, he was a selfish man who could cross any limit for the fulfilment of his motives. When he felt that the landlord of the house in which he stayed in Portland had grown suspicious of his activities after her cat was lost, he left the house and burned it completely to hide all evidences of his experiments. After being invisible, he robbed people and vandalised property. He killed Wicksteed and robbed the owner of the costume shop. All such wicked activities prove him as a failed human being too.

(b) Mrs. Hall’s full name was Mrs. Janny Hall. She was the owner of the inn ‘Coaches and Horses’. She welcomed the stranger very warmly without bothering about his identity just because he proved himself to be a rich man who would honor all payments in time. Here, Mrs. Halls is projected as an opportunist who prioritizes money over security. She carries herself as a caring hostess as she doesn’t revert back angrily to Griffin’s rude behavior. She is just bothered about her money which makes her a money-minded woman other than that she is a hospitable lady with a polite nature. She tolerates Griffin’s experimentations and his way of leaving things unorganized. She had good management skills. Her personality should not be confused as one of a submissive lady. She firmly opposes to give accommodation to Griffin when she realizes his intentions. Also, she was a dominating wife and at the same a friendly villager too.

(c) Griffin’s over confidence, impulsiveness and selfishness led to his downfall. Although he was a genius scientist but his intentions weren’t good. He was able to invent a formula that made him invisible. But after becoming invisible, Griffin wanted to unleash a reign of terror. Seclusion blunted his intellect and he became selfish and a sadist as well. Dr. Kemp had informed Colonel Adye about Griffin’s intentions and also asked him to come and arrest him. Griffin got to know that Dr. Kemp was just pretending to be good and supportive in his plans so he became invisible and chased him to take revenge. Dr. Kemp ran towards Burdock in order to save himself while Griffin was chasing him. He asked the labourers to use shovels to knock him down. This was followed by a fight between the crowd and Griffin. In this fight, Griffin was badly hurt and screams of mercy could be heard. Gradually, the voice stopped with a choking sound and the invisible man became visible once again after his death and laid there naked.

(d) The invisible man had entered iping when it was chilly cold outside. He had covered himself entirely with a coat, muffler, hat and gloves. The rest of the visible parts were covered with bandages. He went to the inn named ‘Coaches and Horses’ which was owned by Mrs. Hall. Firstly, she grew suspicious of him but because it was an off season time and there were no customers so she welcomed him. Next, the clock mender Teddy Henfrey suspected him because of his bandages. When he entered the room abruptly he noticed a skull like head and Griffin hurriedly wrapped around the bandages. He didn’t want anyone’s presence around him and asked Teddy Henfrey to complete his work and leave at the earliest. He reported this to Mr. Hall and told him that he must be a criminal who had escaped the police and came there to hide. One day, the invisible man was chased by dogs that bit him too. Mr. Hall came to help him and while he was trying to put the dogs away he noticed his handless arm. Looking at Mr. Hall standing surprised, he hit him violently and hurled back. Mr. Cuss, the general practitioner also grew suspicious because of his bandages and the thousands of bottles that he had brought along with him. He made an excuse of collecting the Nurse’s Fund and went to ask odd questions to the invisible man. Griffin felt his secrets revealed when he saw him catch the flying papers with an invisible hand and hit him on his nose with the invisible hand.

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