Q. 25 B 5.0( 2 Votes )

A. Write the chemical equation for the reaction involved in Cannizzaro reaction.

B. Draw the structure of the semi carbazone of ethanol.

C. Why pKa of is lower than that

D. Write the product in the following reaction:

E. How can you distinguish between propanal and propanone?

Answer :

A. Cannizzaro Reaction:

B. Semi carbazone of ethanol:

C. The pKa of is lower than that of because fluorine is more electronegative than chlorine and its presence in a molecule makes it more acidic.



a) Propanol does not react with iodoform whereas Popanone gives positive iodoform test.

b) Popanal forms silver mirror on reaction with Tollen’s agent whereas Porpanone is not oxidized by Tollen’s agent.

c) Proanal gives pink colour on reaction with Schiff’s agent, whereas Popanone does not react with Schiff’s agent.

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