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(a) What are the environmental consequences of the increasing demand for energy?

(b) What steps would you suggest to reduce energy consumption ?

Answer :

(a) Some of the environmental consequences of the increasing demand for energy are the following:

(i) The combustion of fossil fuels produces gases which cause acid rain which damages the crops and aquatic life.

(ii) The burning of fossil fuels produces gases that cause the greenhouse gas effect and eventually leading to global warming.

(iii) Wood is used as a fuel which is obtained by cutting forests. Deforestation disturbs the nature cycle.

(iv) The construction of hydropower plants is disturbing ecological balance.

(v) Nuclear power plants cause radioactive reactions which is toxic in nature.

(b) Some of the steps which can be taken to reduce energy consumption are as follows:

(i) We must save electricity by switching off lights, fans and other such electrical appliances.

(ii) Use energy efficient electrical appliances such as compact fluorescent lamps.

(iii) Pressure cookers should be used for cooking food instead of cooking in open wares. This will save fuel.

(v) Solar water heaters should be used for heating water as well as cooking.

(vi) Bicycles should for travelling short distances.

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