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A new species X is introduced in the forest. How is it likely to affect local species of that area?

Answer :

Normally, the effects of the species X are introduced in the forest that depends on the herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.

Introduction as well as removal of the species is both minor as well as major effects based on the specials in the forest in more enticing manner.

Local species feel a comfort.

Nonnative’, ‘nonindigenous’, ‘alien’ or ‘exotic’ refers to a species or race that does not occur naturally in an area, i.e. it has not previously occurred there.

Introduction of nonnative species can cause detrimental ecological impacts. Detrimental impacts of nonnative species on native biota have occurred through competition, predation, herbivory, habitat alteration, disease and genetic effects (i.e. hybridization). There are potential effects on genetic biodiversity as well as species biodiversity.

For example: It depends on what kind of character organisms have. If it’s like carnivorous then it affect lower organism. It’s all depends on which kind of species it is, but it increase competition for other organism.

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