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Respected jury, principal sir, worthy teachers and all my dear friends, a very good morning to all of you. I am Rohan from class 12th and I am going to deliver a speech on topic “Cleanliness is essential for a healthy environment.”

Cleanliness is the basic and a foremost need of a healthy environment. For healthy living clean and green surroundings is essential which can add many years to a human life. Our environment should always exist and remain in its natural form to provide us its worth sources. Cleanliness does play a vital role in providing the proper and germ-free lifestyle to live longer.

As Water, air, plants should be polluted free and must be purified for a living in the same way, our surroundings should be kept clean for a healthy living. Littering, dumping and wasting the essential resources all lead to an unhygienic environment which gives birth to various diseases and harmful germs. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the ultimate measures to keep the environment clean and healthy.

Thank you and have a good day!

(ii) The problem of stray animals in cities

The condition of Stray animals in cities is very miserable and highly insensible. The hygiene and safety of these poor animals are not in either governments’ or in human’s priority list. They are being left wandered lonely to survive on their own. In the big metro cities, where it is just way too difficult for people to get food and shelter, these stray animals are too far to get any care and desirable attention.

Polluted environment and unhygienic places have led a lot of animals to fall sick every day and due to less resources, there are not even proper hospitals and vaccination for animals which can be provided to them to live a healthy life. People behavior towards animals have been better now as compared to previous time but not that much to be praised for.

Stray cats and dogs are mistreated and even get beaten whenever these are proved to be bothering people. Weaker by hunger and unwell by diseases, stray animals are seldom given food and any treatment. Cities population have captured almost lands and other resources by which there is almost no good place left for these animals to stay.

Either these are found in any dump yard, littering through wastes, or lying on roads during heavy rains and in high winters. Indeed, the condition of stray animals is terrifying and government should take some better actions in the sake of their living.

By Jasprit.



One of the most important and challenging situations in any individual’s life is definitely the choice of career. All the education and knowledge that has been taught to a student or a random person to develop his/her character play a vital role while choosing a wise career for them for a lifetime. In the time of high competitions and the world of unemployment, achieving your preferred career is not less than a dream.

Most of the young generations are going through a rough confusion thinking of what profession will suits them better because the kind of education they get from schools and colleges don’t seem enough to let them know about their career clearly. Confusions result in frustrations and followed by depressions have been a normal trauma in our society.

From a very young age, students are not provided proper guidance and counseling through which they can think about their future more specially. Either they are bound by the social pressure or their economic condition doesn’t let them to attain the wishful career for them.

A right choice of career is the foremost responsibility of a student including the best guidance of their parents as well as teachers because it depends for one’s success and failure in life.

By Rohini.




School is a medium of education and discipline. It is the primary stage to develop a character of a child in a positive way to serve the society as well as nation a good human being. But it is a bitter truth that some students are not really eligible for this education as they think it’s all wastage of time and money.

Many unruly students have been found a great number in schools and colleges that it seems really shameful to talk upon.

Nowadays teachers have been instructed to not to punish and scold any of their students even on being mistreated but that is something should not be tolerated at all. Those students who have been continuously misbehaving with teachers and other students in class should be get expelled right away.

School and colleges don’t need such anti-social humans who have no kindness towards mankind and are not sincere towards their career in life. The responsibility of a teacher towards its student is to make him a better person and teaches him/her better lessons in life but if the student is not wishful and in fact behave rudely by giving the bluff of his/her parents reputation and wealth, the school authority without any fear should get them expelled as it will lead good students to focus on their future and will keep away from these such bad elements of society.



School is a temple of knowledge where every child comes to learn better things to become a good human in his/her life. The education system of our country has been a wonderful experience for every student who has become successful in their life and it is definitely a fundamental right of every student to get full education.

But on the other hand, there is massive count of people who has involved themselves in such anti-social deeds which is indeed a worrisome problem. This is either because of the lack of education or due to lack of opportunities. Students who get expelled from any school and college have eventually got a black mark on their certificates for the whole life. They don’t get any admission in further college due to their previous records and eventually remain unemployed and become a burden on their family as well as society.

During school or college period a student is in various transitions of characters of a human and if that time he/she doesn’t get the proper counseling and education, the result can be very dangerous. Instead of throwing them out of school for some misbehaved acts, they should be punished and get even more detention to make them realize their mistakes but should not be expelled as this will not be the solution of teaching him/her the learning lessons from their mistakes.

Unruly students should be given more attention and proper counseling classes as their minds requires it more and should be taken further to the brighter end of their career.

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