Answer :


(i) To convert benzoic acid to benzene , we can proceed with

decarboxylation reaction in presence of soda lime.

(ii) Ethanol chloride can be converted into acetone by reacting with dialkyl cadmium in presence of dry ether.

2CH3COCl + Cd(CH3)2 2CH3COCH3 + CdCl2

(iii) Acetophenone on reaction with hydrazine and further hydrolysis yields ethy benzene. This reaction is famously known as wolf-kisshner reaction.


(i) As benzaldeyde is an aldehyde it will reduce the tollens reagent and give red brown ppt of copper oxide whereas benzophenone has a ketonic functional group which cannot give tollens test.

(ii) We can use iodoform test to distinguish between ethanol and propanal. Ethanal having 1 methyl gp attached to Carbonyl gp shows iodoform test whereas propanal doesn’t.



(i) Chlorine is an electronegative element which have tendency to withdraw electrons and show –I effect and hence increases its acidic character.

(ii) Ketones have two alkyl groups attached to carbonyl gp in comparison to 1 alkyl gp of aldehyde. Alkyl gps show + I effect and hence increase the electron density and make it less reactive towards nucleophillic reagaents.

(iii) Due to absences of alpha hydrogen in formaldehyde HCHO, they are unable to show aldol condensation which deals with the abstraction of alpha hydrogen by a base.



(ii) CH3MgBr

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