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A beam consisting of protons and electrons moving at the same speed goes through a thin region in which there is a magnetic field perpendicular to the beam. The protons and the electrons
A. will go undeviated

B. will be deviated by the same angle and will not separate

C. will be deviated by different angels and hence separate

D. will be deviated by the same angle but will separate.

Answer :

Formula used: Magnetic force is given by

Where F is magnetic force

q is electric charge =

v is velocity

Force on the electron is

Force on a the proton is

The magnitudes of force on proton and electron are different but magnetic force acting on the both are same. The force acting on the proton is in positive in direction and the force acting on the electron is in negative direction. Even same force is acting on them but because of different directions they got deviated by different angles and then they will separate. So option C is correct.

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